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Welcome to Surgical Associates of Kaufman
Thank you for visiting our website and choosing our office for your surgical care. For a combined 33 years our doctors have been dedicated to performing quality surgical care.

Why would you need a general surgeon?
Why would you need to see a general surgeon? Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms?

• Abdominal Pain • Breast Lumps
• Abnormal Mammogram • Nipple Discharge
• Hemorrhoids • Hernias
• Non Healing Wounds • Rectal bleeding
• Blood In Stool • Skin Lesions
• Moles • Lumps
• Gallstones  

Our doctors perform a wide range of procedures. These are usually performed in a hospital setting but we can do some procedures in our office. Please see our services for a list of the many surgical procedures our doctors perform.

What type of Insurance do we accept?
To see a full list of acceptable insurance, click here.


Dr. Spitzer emphasizes the importance of getting colon cancer screening.

A colonoscopy is one way of screening for colon cancer. This is a screening process much like a mammogram or Pap smear; you may have absolutely no symptoms until late in the disease process. There are other methods of colon cancer screening which you may discuss with us or your primary care physician. Now is a good time to schedule your colonoscopy if you are:

- 50 years of age or older
- Family history of colon cancer in your 1st  degree relatives
 (Mother, Father, Sister, or Brother)
- Rectal bleeding or blood in your stools
- Ulcerative colitis or Crohns Disease


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